Semen Syndication

DOB: 3/26/2012
Top Caliber x RM Miss Kitty

Measures- 71.5" at 25 months
Projects- 92.60" at maturity
Awards- Class Winner at 2014 Millennium Futurity with 72" TTT at less than 26 months

Each syndicate share includes 15 straws per year for two years.  The semen is priced at $200 per straw, so each syndicate partner will be committing $3000 per year or $6000 for the two year life of the syndicate.  Once committed each partner is locked in for the full 30 straw offering which can be bought either outright or split evenly in years one and two.
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*Syndication is limited to the first 20 breeders who return the signed contract and check for the first year's 15 straws.