It is often said that bulls are only as good as their mothers. In our case, the dams of all of our bulls measure over 75" tip to tip, and in the case of three of them, their measurements are over 80" tip to tip. In addition to their impressive horns, these dams have all excelled as producers, and their offspring are well represented in the best herds in the industry. To have been able to accumulate bulls with such spectacular parentage is evidence of the lengths we have gone to to assure that our program competes at the very highest level of our breed.

Note: Several of our bulls are owned in partnership. Top Caliber is co-owned by the DeLapp, Hutton, Geurin, Searle, Casey, Allen McGill partnership. Cowboy Grande is co-owned equally with Deer Creek Longhorns (Frank and Michelle Hevrdejs). In the case of Helm's Ace, Helm Cattle Co. has retained a 10% partnership interest. 

"Herd health is extremely important to us. We have never had issues with diseases, but delivering the best product to fellow breeders is always the goal. Our herd is and always has been free of Johnes and BVD"