Lot#: 48

TCC Rios Voomerific

Date of Birth:
We call him The Beast! When we first laid eyes on him we had to have him. He was the most impressive youngster we had ever seen. We set a breed record for a bull his age when we bought him. Leading breeders joined us in using this bull when we offered semen and he was bred to some of the top cows in the industry. The results are now in and he is proving himself to be the "real deal." We are pleased with the color we get out of him and he adds height and muscle to often improve the cows he's bred to. He measured 85" TTT in September. He has had a bad habit of rubbing both horns down which we believe has kept him from getting to 90". Regardless of that we couldn't be happier with the results we've gotten with him. This bull is being sold to settle up the partnership. Mike Davis and RM both have sons that they will be using. As part of this "share the herd" sale we felt it would be appropriate to offer this bull. We hope that leading breeders will recognize this opportunity to buy a bull of this caliber at auction with NO RESERVE.
Owner Name:
McCombs/Davis/Sparger Partnership
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