Lot#: 25


Date of Birth:
OCV’d. Pacific Diamond Lil might be one of the best Santee daughters I have ever raised. Sporting an impressive 88” TTT and a beautiful black and white coat, she, at only 6 years old, is a game changer. She is a daughter of my best producing cow, the 97.75” Leah Leigh, and is well on her way of surpassing her mother. I sold L'il as a younger heifer for $60,000 making her the high seller at the McCombs sale, and then I was able to buy her back. Now I realize that there is no cow better equipped to showcase my program than she, and so once again she will leave our ranch and become a living testament to the quality of longhorns this ranch produces. So, here she is, a truly elite female for a truly elite buyer. She sells bred to Cowboy Ruff for an amazing calf to come.
Owner Name:
Siller Land & Longhorns, LLC
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