Our philosophy and how our herd measures up...

We raise Texas Longhorn cattle in both California and Texas. Our goal is simple - to provide our customers with a selection of the very finest examples of the breed.

Our quest for the best began in 1995 with a fascination about the size and varied shapes of the horns of these magnificent beasts. As we have since expanded not only our herd but also our knowledge base, we have come to focus on the whole animal, making certain that our herd has more than just horn producing genetics and is in balance. As a result, we now have (we think) an outstanding herd of truly long horned animals that also have good frame size, thickness, depth, conformation, calm dispositions, and lots of color.

We have always believed that a good herd starts (but certainly doesn't end) with a good bull. Bulls are, after all, responsible for 50% of the genetics of the offspring of each cow. Our philosophy has been to make certain that no cow on our property ever has a calf whose total pedigree we aren’t proud of. Obviously not all calves combine the best genes of both parents; however, we make certain that they all are conceived with a chance at greatness.

Currently our lineup of bulls includes the following:

1. Top Caliber: We are proud to own a partial interest in the second longest horned bull in the breed (85.875" tip to tip as of 10/26/2012). This bull, bred by Owen McGill, is a son of the great Hunt's Command Respect and is out of Hashbrown, one of Owen's best producing Roundup daughters. Top Caliber is the centerpiece of our embryo producing program, having been flushed to a number of our very best cows, most of whom have tip to tip horn measurements well in excess of 75". We, and our partners, are very proud of the offspring of this extraordinary bull, a number of whose daughters have exceeded 60" tip to tip on their second birthdays and are setting move records as they move up in age. His sons too are following in his and his famous sire's footsteps and are beginning to make their own marks on the industry. We firmly believe that in time history will accord Top Caliber a place in the top handful of bulls that have or will become legendary in the industry. .

2. Dancer Chex: Dancer Chex is another Bob Loomis bred bull. He is a son of the highly acclaimed J.P. Rio Grande bull (over 79" tip to tip) out of Bob's exceptional cow, BL Wind Dancer. Dancer Chex has won his class in total horn for the past four years running, most recently being measured at 97.25" of total horn as a five year old at the 2012 LWC. In winning those competitions, he has bested bulls with over 80" tip to tip. Dancer has a downward and forward cast to his horns which limit his tip to tip measurement (currently 66.375") but which tend to flatten the horns of the offspring of high horned cows, and for that he is highly prized. His progeny, although still young, are exceeding all expectations and are only now starting to hit the marketplace. 

3. Lakota Chex: Lakota unfortunately died prematurely in December, 2012. Fortunately we have an adequate supply of semen on this great bull to meet our needs for the foreseeable future. He was a son of Bob Loomis’ great bull, Farlap Chex, and he was out of Bob's great BL Night Safari, a 79" horned black cow. When last measured, Lakota's tip to tip spread was 74.25". As importantly, his pedigree contains a strong dose of Butler blood which mixed extremely well with a number of cows in our herd. We will continue to AI him to a number of cows in order to assure a continuation of upcoming young females who are highly prized and being used as foundation stock by some of the finest breeders in the industry;

4. Helm's Ace: Helm's Ace is a bull we own in partnership with Helm Cattle Company. What we are most excited about in this young bull is his pedigree and the fact that he seems to be developing as might be expected from such an ancestral gold mine. He is double bred Phenomenon. His sire is Temptations The Ace, an over 80" bull who has already produced one 82" son, Tempter. His dam is Wiregrass Laura, an 81" Phenomenon granddaughter. Having not one but two 80"+ parents puts him in pretty heady company. On his own merits, Helm's Ace measured 59" tip to tip at 21 months, and he has great color, clean lines, and a very gentle disposition.  Based both on his pedigree and on the way he is developing, we believe he should mature into an 1800+ pound bull with horns in the high 70s to perhaps 80" range.

5.Santee Chex: Santee is as son of the great Cowboy Chex out of BL Awesome Blossom, an 80" Coach daughter owned by Bob Loomis. At 30 months he measured 64.25". The top side of his pedigree provides horn, base, conformation, clean lines, and gentleness. On the bottom side of his pedigree , Santee's dam, being a Coach daughter, is a very heavy milker which is a trait which we consider critical in our herd. We anticipate Santee will pass on those horn producing genetics to his offspring who are only now beginning to hit the ground.

6. Cowboy Grande: Recently we were offered an opportunity to buy a one half interest in Cowboy Grande who is a truly remarkable bull prospect. Because of his age, we can obviously not yet foretell the impact he will have on the breed; however, his older brothers, Cowboy Casanova and Cowboy Tuff Chex, have already set the industry on fire based on their early horn performance. The former beat out his second place opponent by nearly seven inches in winning his class at the 2012 LWC, and the latter won his class by over 12" at the same venue. Cowboy Grande, who hit 50" on his fifteen month birthday, is tracking to the measurements of his older two brothers and holds the promise of joining very elite company at the very top of this new generation of powerful and industry changing bulls. To say we are excited about Cowboy Grande would be an understatement, and we are grateful to Frank and Michelle Hevrdejs for giving us this opportunity. 

The bulls we have described above are difference makers; however, they can only take their offspring as far as the cows they are mated with will allow. In that regard, we have accumulated a stable of exceptional cows to provide the other half of the DNA which each calf will carry. In selecting the females for our herd, we have emphasized horn length, pedigree, disposition, and mothering traits. As a result of our search, we now have a core herd of fabulous cows who meet all our criteria. The pedigrees of our cows are, without exception, impressive and include such great sires as Phenomenon, Emperor, Dixie Creole, Diego’s Hot Shot, Monarch, Jet Jockey, BLNight Chex, Boomerang, Shadowizm, and several of our own impressive formerly owned bulls, including LL Wrangler, JK Creekmore, and Shadow's Reflection.  We own one cow (RM Miss Kitty) whose tip to tip measurement exceeds 87". We own another nine who go over 75" and twelve more between 70" and 75". Indeed, we have reached the point where if a heifer does not exceed 50" at 24 months, she is not considered adequate to keep in our herd. We invite the reader to carefully review this web site to see photographs and backgrounds of the cows and heifers that make up the female side of our program.